Social Media Marketing through Storytelling


Social media has turned traditional media completely upside down. Previously, buying decisions were influenced entirely on what consumers see on TV, print magazines, or on the radio. With the expansion of the internet and technology, social media was born. The power of social media allows consumers to actively engage with brands, and discuss with fellow consumers whether the products or services they are considering is the right move for them. We can now share experiences, opinions and reviews in real time, holding brand’s far more accountable, making social media storytelling crucial to the success of a business. 

With 70% of brands allocating marketing budget towards social media, it is critical that a brand portrays their story in a relatable and engaging way. Building brand awareness within a specific target audience is crucial, and many brands are looking to a social media consulting agency to guide them, as it’s not always easy!

The Embassy can help distill this information into easy, accessible steps. As a social media agency, we can help create a 360-degree view of your brand across all the relevant social media platforms. We can support your business in all aspects from determining your brand identity and target audience, to digital marketing and long term social media storytelling. 

Effective social media storytelling is all about strategy and planning, and it takes an experienced social media consultant to truly understand a brand and identify the best communication pillars that are in line with your existing tone of voice. In order for these lines of communication to be as effective as possible, they need to be specific to who you are and what you do as a brand. We distill this information with you through the following steps:

What, How, Why

Good social media storytelling starts with three critical questions. WHAT you are selling, HOW can people access your products or services, and WHY you do what you do. This establishes a point of connection for your target audience. Your what, how and why should match up to something they want or need, and without these your brand’s messaging can be confusing. 

Social Media Objectives

This stage is when we pinpoint what your brand wants to achieve through the use of social media storytelling. We identify your brand story, values and market placement and develop content ideas that align with all three. 

Target Audience

Identifying who your social media target audience are is crucial in deciding a social media storytelling strategy. Understanding your potential customers as deeply as you possibly can helps to determine what tone of voice, content style and platform should be used to project your message. You can create the best stories in the world, but if they don’t resonate with your potential customer, you won’t get the results you need. 

Content Pillars

This is where we decide the key brand pillars around which to create content that will educate, entertain and enlighten. It is where we look at your brand and extract its key offerings and then align it with topics of content. Clear communication, engaging relevant visuals and reliable messaging results in successful social media storytelling.

Content Creation

We love nothing more than bringing a storyboard of ideas to life, and we’ve got the skills to do it in a way that suits your brand. We use a combination of video, photography and written content to convey your message in a unique way, and we are constantly looking at new, cool ways to create content to make sure ours stands out.

Content Distribution

As a social media consulting agency, we know how to utilise each social platform to create the best results on every platform. For example on Instagram the objective is to enhance user experience with beautiful & engaging content. Audience are more likely to engage with a brand when it’s aesthetically appealing, interesting and authentic to who your brand is and what your brand stands for.  On Facebook we can advise on organic vs paid posts, and use your budget to amplify post reach and increase brand awareness by generating conversations, likes, tags and sharing. We will use every platform to create beautiful social media storytelling that is both coherent, and successful. 

Looking at what works

As a social media consulting agency, we are always optimising the way we deliver social media storytelling. Our goal is to help increase brand awareness, create conversations and influence buying decisions. We monitor account growth trends and reach on a monthly basis to ensure we continue to reach new audiences across social media.

With so much to think about, its obvious why so many brands are outsourcing to social media consulting agency. Whatever your brand story, we can help to communicate it in a successful and engaging way. We offer a boutique, hands-on approach, specifically tailored to your brand and product. Our bespoke strategies focus on your unique objectives and target audience. 

We not only create and promote brand presence and awareness in the digital marketplace but quantifiably improve customer engagement, driving the right traffic to your social platforms.

Get in touch today and let your audience see the real you with social media storytelling that actually works.