CUB is a private business club in Sydney and Melbourne, offering its members the ultimate business network, a community of proven entrepreneurs and business leaders with world changing ambition.

We have the privilege of working with a young and dynamic business owner and a great team of people who work at CUB. We work daily to provide a holistic approach to social media via the use of content creation in the form of imagery, video and advertising to drive inbound clinic enquiries and produce an ongoing ROI on advertising spend. as well as amplifying the features & benefits of CUB’s services via Facebook, Instagram and Influencer Marketing.

  • Social advertising
  • Content creation (videography, photography)
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social media management (Facebook & Instagram)

“We’ve been working with Blake from The Embassy for over a year and I’ve never been disappointed in their performance. In fact they have consistently been the largest component of lead generation for us to help grow our membership base”.

– Daniel Hakim, CUB Private Business Club