Influencer Marketing


The way people interact with social media changes all the time, and one of the things that has completely changed the landscape is influencer marketing. Acting as an integrated channel within social media, it’s a hybrid between new and old marketing methods. Taking the idea of a celebrity endorsement, and then placing it modern day content driven marketing campaign. 

Nowadays people don’t always want to be sold to. They want to have meaningful connections with brands that entertain and inform them, rather than feel as though they just want their money. In this new paradigm, influencers are a force to be reckoned with. Influencers are the new age celebrities and consumers want what they have, and listen to what they have to say.

Any industry has opinion leaders, you just have to find them. That’s where we come in. We have extensive experience with connecting brands with the right type of influencers, using influencer marketing to help grow their social following, build brand awareness and drive social media audience to their social page or website. 

As a team, we have years of experience of influencer marketing between us, and we’re social people! This means we are always on the lookout for influencers who fit both the brand we are working with, and their specific budget. If there isn’t an influencer in our large existing network, we will reach out and connect with the right influencers for the brand, giving us another string to our bow as an influencer marketing agency. Influencer collaborations can make or break a brand’s success, and we can help you connect, and nurture successful relationships with the right one for you.  From fashion, lifestyle, beauty, food, and fitness, our team can source the perfect digital talent to help you reach your goals. 

Social visibility and presence is key to the success of your business, 500 million people use it every day, and that’s just Instagram! Influencer collaborations that are successfully orchestrated can bring the right kind of attention to your brand, and deliver very strong results. When done right, influencer marketing is a multiplier: It leverages the reach and credibility of your product to consumers, and results in awareness, improved perception and action.

As an influencer marketing agency, we have developed a few key steps in developing positive influencer collaborations, that really work! 

Identify & connect with key influencers

Firstly we will identify and connect with key influencers that suit your brand and budget. This is based on who will give your brand maximum reach and exposure, whilst remaining in line with your current business plan, values and aesthetic. We will always consider the influencer’s engagement, follower growth rate, content quality, brand fit, and authenticity to ensure this is the right move for you. Contextual credibility is key in ensuring your existing and target audience will connect with the influencer and their platform.

Influencer outreach and negotiation

On your behalf, we will then reach out and negotiate the best way to collaborate. This is an important process that can raise a few question marks for people who have never done it before. We always ensure thoughtful, personal engagement as first impressions really do count. 

We will then negotiate everything from exclusivity, privacy, contract exit strategy and mandatory deliverables. In other words, we cover all the bases. Our aim is to protect and grow your brand and make the influencer collaboration as successful and transparent as possible. 

Management of influencer content direction to achieve the desired outcome

We then provide management of the direction of influencer content. This involves setting expectations and guidelines for you and the influencers. This will let the influencer know what’s expected from them and open the door for collaboration. This involves outlining specifics such as which platforms the campaign will be activated on, the number and type of posts expected from the influencer, and a timeline for when content should go live. You may have come across influencer content that seemed unnatural, or even robotic, as if they weren’t the ones creating the content. That can happen when businesses try to have too much control over how influencers promote their brand or products, so we help negotiate how much freedom over content the individual influencers can have. Influencers are influencers for a reason. They know how to create unique and engaging content that resonates with their audience.

Regular reporting and content performance reviews

It’s important that we use reporting to review campaign performance, as it gives us a fuller understanding of what is working for your brand. We can then measure this against the goals we initially set for your campaign. We will review the total number of  likes, comments, views, unique impressions, overall reach, and engagement rate, as well as the top-performing content to see what resonates best with your audience. We will establish the best time to post, and the best platform for your brand to achieve maximum engagement.  We’ll review audience sentiment markers such as comments to see what they are thinking in real time. 

Our meticulous attention to detail means we are the leading agency for social influencer marketing. Our team specialises in developing and managing influencer collaboration for leading brand & companies.