Our Story


The Embassy has been created to provide a symbiotic relationship between social media, marketing and advertising, providing clients with a one stop shop of carefully selected individuals that offer a strong background of knowledge and skills across all areas of social media & digital marketing.

Each team member brings their own unique style and creative flair to the business. We have pulled together a carefully selected group of individuals who are experts in the field. With years of experience partnered with a diverse set of skills, we flow creatively as a team. Working out of a creative space in Rosebery gives us the opportunity to continuously brainstorm and to ensure we are consistently meeting the vision and requirements of our lovely clients.

With some of the best brains in the industry working together as one, it is easy to achieve originality. We are always thinking outside the box and adding a personal touch that will have your audience enjoying all of your content and hungry for more!

Our team at The Embassy focus on getting the right content, to the right people. Promotion and awareness is achieved using various marketing activities including strategic marketing, social media and social media advertising.

Together, we will create a promotional strategy and marketing plan as a way of expanding your customer base and building awareness of your business, its products and services.


The best plans are useless unless they are executed with precision. Here at The Embassy, we work closely with the client and our network of partners to develop and implement strategic marketing plans based on the business objectives, market opportunities and client’s expectations, leading every project from start to finish to ensure the execution is done seamlessly.



We plan and lead all areas of your social media across multiple platforms. The goal is to get in front of your target audience and influence their decision-making process by being present and active on social, delivering interesting, engaging and relevant content, collaborating with key social media influencers who add value to your brand, and creating and developing the ideal brand lifestyle for your audience.


Lead gen

We are experts in Social Media Advertising, and we are confident we can deliver a significant increase in leads to our clients. Our mission is to simplify social media advertising and provide an automated stream of solid leads for businesses we work with which converts to sales.